23 June, 2009

Henry VIII is now on Twitter

Loyal subjects can now follow Henry VIII's coronation on Twitter (!), courtesy of the Historic Royal Palaces press office. Today is the day before Henry's coronation, and he reflects on becoming King. How long will HRP keep the site going I wonder? They have collected over 800 followers so far which isn't bad.....

21 June, 2009

"Free the Stones!" 36,000 descend on Stonehenge

Stonehenge was in danger of being toppled this weekend as 36,000 wannabee Druids converged on the site to celebrate the Solstice. BBC Wiltshire presents some scary photos and a video interview with a friendly Druid.

18 June, 2009


This weekend in London is a grand event which should draw a substantial crowd of nobility and groundlings alike.

A reenactment of Henry VIII's royal progess up the River Thames from The Tower to Hampton Court is taking place, complete with attending flotilla, music, and entertainment by the King's Fools.

This is part of the celebrations for the 500th annniversary of Henry's accession. He will be accompanied by Queen Katherine Parr and sundry members of Court.

The King is being conveyed in a Shallop, in its day the "Limousine of the Lower Thames", although lacking in privacy glass and minibar.

"King Henry’s loyal subjects are invited to line the banks of the river". Better turn up then.

image courtesy easier.com