20 May, 2008

Theme ideas for MHC15

I am hosting the 15th edition of the Military History Carnival, which should be up on 14th June if all goes according to plan.
So far I have been adding large numbers of mil hist blogs to my Google Reader. I am basing this on previous carnivals and on blog rolls such as HNN's Cliopatria blogroll. I am impressed by the number of American Civil War blogs that are out there; this reminds me of a comment I saw in the visitors' book at Appomattox: "It's not over". Right.

If anyone needs some ideas for a post for possible inclusion, here are a few themes or sections I am thinking of using to structure the carnival:

- forgotten (or little known) engagements
- good and bad tactics
- collateral (civilian impact)
- eyewitness accounts
- (lowish rank) individuals who made an impact
- interesting weapons
- book reviews
- contributions to "big debates" (eg is the Civil War over yet)

Submissions sent so far: 1 (early days yet!) .

15 May, 2008

The 14th Military History Carnival is up

The 14th Military History Blog Carnival is up at Investigations of a Dog.
The theme is "Contested Boundaries" and Gavin Robinson has assembled lots of interesting posts not just on disputed borders, but also other boundaries (when is a 'terrorist' a 'freedom fighter', what constitutes a 'war crime', the roles of men and women in conflicts, etc).

The next edition of the Military History Carnival will be right here on 14th June. Please email submissions to me at alunadler at yahoo dot co dot uk, or use the submission form. I am thinking of some potential themes such as "eyewitness history" - feel free to make a suggestion for a theme...

01 May, 2008

Cardinal Wolsey's Blogstats for April

Cardinal Wolsey's blog stats for April in case you are interested:

Visits: 821
Pageloads: 1292
New visits: 87%

Of the 821 unique visits,
337 were from the USA (Hi to all readers in the former colonies),
247 from UK,
63 from Canada,
49 from Australia,
14 from France,
13 from Sweden,
and 98 from other countries.

Interestingly, no visits from China. I recall that last year, or maybe 2006, there was a burst of activity from China, including a tractor factory, but then the hits mysteriously dried up. Could this be related to someone taking a dim view on any blogs featuring rebellions I wonder???

In the US, New York State just beat California in numbers of visits to this blog. Cardinal Wolsey will be sending an educational mission to a number of the flat windy States where the people have not yet seen the light.

Apart from the home page, the most popular page in April was the post on the BBC's Purple Haze Medieval Mix.