20 May, 2008

Theme ideas for MHC15

I am hosting the 15th edition of the Military History Carnival, which should be up on 14th June if all goes according to plan.
So far I have been adding large numbers of mil hist blogs to my Google Reader. I am basing this on previous carnivals and on blog rolls such as HNN's Cliopatria blogroll. I am impressed by the number of American Civil War blogs that are out there; this reminds me of a comment I saw in the visitors' book at Appomattox: "It's not over". Right.

If anyone needs some ideas for a post for possible inclusion, here are a few themes or sections I am thinking of using to structure the carnival:

- forgotten (or little known) engagements
- good and bad tactics
- collateral (civilian impact)
- eyewitness accounts
- (lowish rank) individuals who made an impact
- interesting weapons
- book reviews
- contributions to "big debates" (eg is the Civil War over yet)

Submissions sent so far: 1 (early days yet!) .

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