16 July, 2006

Kissing Banned in England. 16th July, 1439

Kissing was banned in England, 16th July 1439, to stop the spread of disease and pestilence. Well that's according to historyorb.com. Don't click this link if you are disturbed by nasty flashing ad's!. According to various sources the people only paid lip service to the banning order.....

Henry VI (pictured left) was on the throne at the time. He nominally became king in 1422 whilst still a baby, and is not generally rated as a success, in spite of two spells as King (1422-61 and 1470-71) . Henry failed to prevent the slide into civil war between Lancaster and York (the Wars of the Roses). He eventually met a nasty end in the Tower of London in 1471. More on Henry VI from the official British royalty info site

Finally, a pertinent quote from Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part III:
"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"

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