06 August, 2007

Music to blog by - a selection

Have been exploring various radio stations offered by iTunes (though also direct on www), in search of something good to listen to whilst blogging (ie writing a post or reading other peoples')

Here's my selection, maybe readers have other favourites (including silence!):

Datempo Lounge Radio "The finest Lounge, Bossa-Nova and Chillout live from Paris"
Chanteurs "French songs since 1890 of the dead artists" (sic)
AfricanInternetRadio "The Best mix of music from Africa and beyond"
Illinois Street Lounge on SomaFM "Classic batchelor pad, playful exotica and vintage music of tomorrow" . In fact all the SomaFM channels are worth checking out.
Dub Beautiful Collective "Live ambient, downtempo, and IDM recordings from San Fransisco"


Donna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Argot. I like the name of your blog, and the content. I am now listening to Chanteurs.org. I don't know what the heck is being said, but it's French; therefore, it must be meaningful and beautiful, right? :-)

If you ever want to have a little blog love, I'll list you if you'd be kind enough to list me in your blogroll.


cardinal_wolsey said...

Glad you like the music tip donna; I'll be updating the blogroll shortly...