30 December, 2007

Sam Pepys caught short

Samuel Pepys wakes at 6 a.m. on a freezing December morning in 1664.

No chamber pot to hand, and he needs a wee.

Does he :

a) hang on until one arrives
b) go and look for one
c) use the chimney

Read the answer here.


Mark said...

C) Definitely. He would know about the dangers of The Stone. m.

morganspice said...

I love your blog, I am starting a tudors-oriented blog of my own--no competition for yours just a fetish-and I wanted to know how you included the link to the story about pepis by clicking the word 'here.' That seems very useful and I haven't been able to find anything like it.

Thanks. If you happen to want to give any comments on my brand new blog (less than a month old) it is


Much obliged!

morganspice said...

In fact I will probably come up with a list of quirkly little Tudor-oriented blogs like this once I find a good selection!

My focus is not just to be a substitution for Wikepedia, it is to relate issues in the tudor players to those in today's psychological phenomena and popular culture.

cardinal_wolsey said...

Glad you like the blog. The link to the Pepys diary is a "hyperlink" which is inserted in the post using the hyperlink icon in the Blogger editor. CW.