29 January, 2008

Get BBC History Magazine with Tesco Clubcard

Here's a bargain. If you have a Tesco Clubcard, you can order a subscription to BBC History Magazine for only £10.80 in Clubcard vouchers . Normal price is £43.20, although you can get 25% off on BBC subscription site if you are not a Tesco person.

Or if you want to look into the future instead, how about the slightly strange Prediction magazine for only £8.85! Even better than that, they have free content on the web. Amongst the dodgy astrological stuff, I found a nice atmospheric article about things that go bump in the night in Supernatural Sussex:

"Later Nash used Tibetan and crystal bowls to tune into the wood's vibrations and for a while the night was full of lingering, stellar tones"

Good writing in my view. For more atmospheric trees, see this previous post


Ed Darrell said...

Is the magazine available in the U.S. at all?

cardinal_wolsey said...

Not sure if it is, but you could try emailing bbchistory@dovetailservices.com who handle subsciption queries. Or give Borders a call.