16 July, 2008

We Are Not Worthy!

The scene: the Great House of Easement, Hampton Court.
Henry VIII is reading correspondence whilst the Groom of the Stool busies himself.
There is a knock at the door.
Henry: "Enter".
Enter Cardinal Wolsey, obviously in a state of high excitement.
Wolsey: "Majesty, I bring you great news!"
Henry: "Catherine has agreed a divorce?"
W: "Not yet, Majesty. The news concerns my Blog"
H: "Oh that waste of the Lord's day. What of it?"
W: "It has been recognised by Professor Luker and is in His List"
H (suspicious): "Did you say Luther?"
W:"No Sire, Professor Luker of the house of Cliopatria in the New World"
H: "What of this List?"
W: "It contains a choice selection of eighty Historical Blogs, and can only bring further esteem for your reign and reputation".
H:"Are the French represented?"
W: "I do not think so".
H (looking pleased):"Hmm. And Spain?"
W:"Again they seem absent. I am sure you will not object to the presence of the Classics, and the East?
Henry:"I suppose not. But make sure all your posts, from now on, mention myself and are written in courtly style. Now go and sort out my Great Matter. "
Wolsey (withdrawing):"Of course, Sire."
Henry: "And ensure that this List is proclaimed throughout the Land"
Wolsey: "I'm right on it".

Here it is, subjects:


neophyte said...

Your... your eminence? Uh, that is.. your eminence, something terrible has happened.

I mean, really effing terrible.

This exchange between you and the King, and the dramatization of it that has just occurred in my head, have revealed the following terror: I can no longer picture your eminentosity, nor His Majesty, except... except as, gulp, Sam Neill and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Forgive me, your eminence.

::Scurries off to burn contemporary portraits onto retinas::

(And congrats!)

cardinal_wolsey said...

This is a common condition brought about by exposure to salacious mini-series.
I will consult the court alchemist for a suitable purgative!