05 November, 2008

I'm Henry the Eighth I am - Are You?

2009 is a big anniversary for Tudor history - the 500th anniversary of the accession of Henry VIII.

It will be a busy year for Past Pleasures Ltd, "the UK's leading costumed interpretation company". They hold the re-enactments contract with the UK's Historic Royal Palaces, who run Hampton Court amongst other addresses.

According to their ad in the October BBC History Magazine, PP wish to recruit "a man" to play Henry VIII at Hampton Court during the celebrations next year

Candidates need to be:

* Over 6 foot tall with "a large frame"
* Playing age 40-50.
* Able to grow a beard.
* Live within an easy commute of Hampton Court (they don't specify by river or horse).
* Have an interest in and knowledge of history, especially the Tudor period.

Good to see the old Henry we know and love is back - JRM need not apply!.


Pam Walter said...

The job qualifications are interesting and certainly relevant, but I wonder how long they have to grow the beard and what length it needs to be to qualify. www.satisfiedsole.com

cardinal_wolsey said...

None of the images of Henry show a particularly long beard....too much risk of infestation I guess!

Maybe you could advise on appropriate footwear?? Good website by the way.

Andymon said...

Didn't King Henry have gangrenous leg ulcers in his declining years? Perhaps the Renaissance equivalent of a velcro shoe would be in costume?

Mark said...

You know, I always thought that Henry VIII was short for some reason.