04 December, 2009

Medieval and Renaissance Galleries now open at V&A

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London opened the redesigned Medieval and Renaissance Galleries this week.

Rachel Campbell-Johnston at The Times Online has posted an article and video introducing the exhibition, and the excellent Londonist has photos showing the bright and airy galleries. The Guardian site has another video.

The £31m refurb' is "triumphant" according to Jonathan Jones of The Guardian in his review:

"Renaissance art is not just a thing of beauty, but of self-expression. It is strange, it is disconcerting, it is all the things we, today, want art to be. You can see that in Donatello and throughout these wonderful new galleries"
Both Jones and Richard Dorment in his article at The Telegraph agree that the V&A holds the best collection of Italian Renaissance sculpture outside Italy. Dorment is also mightily impressed by the new galleries:
"The whole project, designed by architects MUMA in collaboration with the V&A’s curators is a triumph."

And....it's free.

PS. I hope they still have room for the Great Bed of Ware.


Brian T. Bolten said...

Excellent news on the new V&A exhibit on Midevil/Renn. I am looking for a good source of history of archery and archers. Anyone have any favorite for such?

- Brian T. Bolten
"Today in History"

cardinal_wolsey said...

Bernard Cornwell's new book "Agincourt" focuses on an archer, Nicholas Hook, so that would be a good starting point if your focus is on the longbow?

Hels said...

I can't wait to see the new galleries, next time I am in London. I haven't been for a couple of years :(

Do you know how the Medieval and Renaissance galleries are displaying their objects - chronolgoically, geographically or by themes? And is Northern Europe given as good a coverage as Italy?

I'm not sure which area I would rush to first - Italian Renaissance villas and gardens, probably.